Research Interests:

I am interested in multidisciplinary studies; particularly I am interested in the use of computational and mathematical tools to answer biological questions. Developing algorithms capable of analyzing the huge amounts of data generated by present "omics" technologies, and being able to retrieve information out if this data using mathematical tools such as statistical analysis or mathematical modeling, is imperative for understanding biological systems.

De novo assembly of genomes is one of such fields in which computational algorithms and statistical analysis combine forces in order to infer the genome sequence of an organism using millions of short sequences. Though the boundary is not always clear, we can say that the algorithmic challenge is to reconstruct the genome by overlapping reads to one another; while the statistical challenge is to make sure that the reads used in the construction are high quality reads, and, when the construction is done, to detect mis-assemblies and/or polymorphic sites.

Presently I am working at the Michael Schatz's lab, focusing on the analysis of mate pair and paired end sequence data for the detection and correction of mis-assemblies.